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Stainless steel barrel 200L




Outer Diameter

Material Thickness

Net Weight

200L 890mm Φ586mm




Product description:
* International universal barrel type can also be professionally designed and manufactured according to customer's special requirements.
* The barrel structure is simple and reasonable, sturdy and durable, safe to use, and convenient for filling and cleaning.
* Suitable for storage and transportation of lithium batteries, electrolytes, lithium salts and high-purity chemicals.
* The entire barrel is made of imported high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel sheet, which is corrosion resistant.
* Using argon arc welding technology and plasma welding technology, single-sided welding, double-sided molding, can bear 0.6MPA.
* There are no dead corners in the barrel, and it remains slightly.
* Sealed by standard flange connection, PTFE gasket.
* Liquid phase port and gas phase port can adopt self-sealing stainless steel quick-fit joints, and install protective caps.
* The outside surface of the barrel is polished by mechanical mirror, and the inside surface is polished by electrolysis, which is bright inside and outside.
* The product is corrosion-resistant, collision-resistant, stable and reliable, suitable for storage and transportation of hazardous chemicals.
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